Triple Play, BGCA’s comprehensive health and wellness initiative, strives to improve the overall health of members, ages 6-18, by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships. Since the Triple Play initiative was introduced in 2005, more than one million Club members have participated in fun fitness activities. The Triple Play initiative, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company and T​​he Anthem Foundation, nurtures the minds, bodies and souls of Club members.​

Triple Play Daily Challenges 
This progressive program focuses on building movement skills and positive attitudes about physical activity. The program consists of 32 diverse games, cooperative activities and sports to develop a young person’s ability, confidence and motivation to be physically active.

Triple Play Healthy Habits 
Healthy Habits focuses on helping youth make healthy eating choices. The program consists of 14 progressive, interactive, practical activities that develop a young person’s skill, confidence and motivation to make healthy nutritional choices throughout life.

Triple Play Social Recreation
Social Recreation is a social-emotional learning program that builds the skills a young person needs to make healthy choices. The program consists of six thematic units of five sessions each that develop a young person’s relationship with themselves, relationship with others, emotional regulation skills and responsible decision-making skills.