Leadership Staff


Becky Mazzanobile
Chief Executive Officer
Email: bmazzanobile@bgcnr.org
Phone: (914) 235-3736, ext. 104
Cell Phone: (917) 501-6805


Nate Adams
Director of Operations
Email: nadams@bgcnr.org
Phone: (914) 235-3736, ext. 103


Virginia Beirne
Director of Finance
Email: vbeirne@bgcnr.org
Phone: (914) 712-8976


Cynthia Alvarez
Director of School Based Programs
Email: calvarez@bgcnr.org
Phone: (914) 819-7888


Chris Campbell
Director of Partnerships
BGCA Career Launch Program Manager
Email: ccampbell@bgcnr.org


William Iannuzzi
Program Director/Unit Director, Mascaro Clubhouse
Email: wiannuzzi@bgcnr.org
Phone: (914) 235-3736 ext. 105

Unit Directors

Chyna Nicholas, Site Director, Ward Elementary School - email: cnicholas@bgcnr.org

Kathleen Pierre, Site Director, Davis Elementary School - email: kpierre@bgcnr.org cell: (914) 819-8967

Camila Romo, Site Director, Trinity Elementary School - email: cromo@bgcnr.org cell: (914) 819-2095

Shirley Rodriguez, Site Director, Central Elementary School - email: srodriguez@bgcnr.org

Jomar Alvarado, Site Director, Chatsworth Avenue School - email: jalvarado@bgcnr.org

Carl Acevedo, Site Director, Murray Avenue School - email: cacevedo@bgcnr.org

Mary Rivera, Site Director, Mamaroneck Elementary Avenue School - email: mrivera@bgcnr.org

Melissa Noriega, Site Director, Columbus Elementary School - email: mnoriega@bgcnr.org

Aaron Williams, Unit Director, Remington Clubhouse - email: awilliams@bgcnr.org cell: (914) 235-2969

Betzally Espichan, Ossining Area Director- email: bespichan@bgcnr.org

Marcia Melendez, Site Director, Claremont Elementary School (Ossining) - email: mmelendez@bgcnr.org