2024 BGCNR Summer Camp Registration Opens March 1st!

We’re really excited to be back again this summer to provide great camp experiences to local youth. For more information about our activities, schedule, and/or policies, contact Will Iannuzzi. at wiannuzzi@bgcnr.org or call 914-235-3736.

Scholarships/DSS ChildCare Susbsidy

Scholarships are given out based on need. After you submit our scholarship committee will review and make a determination by June 15th. We usually do not give more than 2 weeks per child and require parents match the amount of scholarship we give out. So if you receive $550 of scholarship money that covers 2 weeks, we require the parent to sign their child up for an additional 2 weeks. Current members are prioritized for scholarships. Deposits must be made and enrolled in a payment plan while we wait for scholarship determination. To apply please click the button below.

Scholarship Application

We also accept the Westchester County Department of Social Services Childcare Subsidy. For more information please click the button below:

Childcare Subsidy Information